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Food insights
From recipes, ingredients, methods, flavours, history, cuisines, and cultures
Market insights
From industry, technology, consumers, influencers, trend spotting, online search data, and futurology
Gap analysis
Analysis of market and competitors to uncover unmet needs and growth opportunities
Product optimisation
Analysis of your product attributes, benefits, and appeal to optimise market fit
Product ideation
Ideation of new and extension products and ranges for portfolio value growth
Recipe ideation
Research, ideation, and production of recipes and menus for your products or business
Working with your marketing and culinary teams to bring your food vision to life
Launch & scale
Strategy, branding, web, digital, and marketing services for market entry or scale-up
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Recent case study

Recipe innovation for Unilever Europe

Working with my colleague plant-based influencer, Niki Webster, I recently delivered an important trend-inspired recipe project for the Unilever food team in Rotterdam.

Our work was infused with inspiration from many sources, one of which was Unilever’s own, excellent, 50 Future Foods report.

Here are a few mise en place images to whet your appetite, and the LinkedIn testimonial from our Unilever Client


ChatGPT prompts for food innovation

Work scenarios faced by food innovators, examples of the needs in each scenario, and ChatGPT prompts for each need.
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Using ChatGPT in food innovation

ChatGPT, OpenAI's chatbot, can add value across innovation, branding, and digital. This post explores its use in food and drink innovation.
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A GOODMINZ influencer

I’ve created a series of GOODMINZ recipes pimped with herbs, spices, seeds, fruits and other ingredients. Being able to take the flavours in any direction is amazing. GOODMINZ is so clever and delicious.

Unilever Europe
Michelin-star chef Marc Fosh

Richard’s broad involvement in our business resulted in an exceptional range of FOSH products with bold and stylish branding that jumps out as you walk through the store.

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