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Tierra Foods

Brand review

Businesses evolve and adapt, sometimes in leaps and bounds, sometimes in smaller steps. For this to be optimised, their brand has to be in lockstep, and, I would argue, evolution is most effective when the brand takes the lead to crystallise and communicate change.

Tierra Foods is on a mission to transform global food companies' value chains, making them carbon-absorbing, biodiversity-rich and socially just through their unique, biomineralisation-centric approach.

The business asked me to provide a review of its branding and make suggestions on other aspects of business growth.

In response, I researched and presented a review that covered aspects such as brand strategy, architecture and assets, brand platforms, digital systems, business management systems.

This was a fascinating step into nature-positive, carbon-negative food systems, my client was delighted with the outcome, and it took me back to my university days as an environmental scientist.

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Lucy Barnes at Tierra Foods said…

Wow. Thanks for such an extensive document and for your carefully considered thoughts. Lots to digest and some really useful links & reading. All very well received.

Richard Reeves website Tierra Foods case study image