TikTok's most-liked videos of 2023 that include #sustainablefood

🌍 πŸ‘€ Sustainable food; what's most-liked on TikTok in Q1/2 2023?

The answer is videos about stuffed duck's necks, vegan food, citrussy Green Ants, industrial vs. regenerative farming, seaweed products, restaurant news and more…

🐜 On the tiny topic of ants, according to TikTok's @the.outbackguide, when squeezed, the Australian Green Ant tastes like Lemon Warheads (an American sour soda) and can be turned into a number of insect edibles…

Like the Green Ant, #sustainablefood is small on TikTok but significant to the future of food.

🌍 #sustainablefood has 29M total views and 3.5K videos posted to date.

πŸ– #meat has 15.2B total views and 584K videos posted to date.

🌽 #veganfood has 4B total views and 378K videos posted to date.

TikTok's 30 most-liked videos of Q1 and Q2 2023 that include the #sustainablefood are displayed below, from high to low like count.

And to find out more about the citrusy Green Ants, watch The Outback Guide's video towards the end of the display below πŸ‘€ 🐜

Most πŸ’š Q1/2, 2023

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